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Company History of Kellermann & Co.
Drei Schwerter GmbH

Founded and entered in the Commercial Register in 1927 by

Gustav Kellermann (born 1873 - died 1951)

with his sons Wilhelm Kellermann (born 1904 - died 1956)

and Werner Kellermann (born 1905 - died 1991)

transferred to Werner Kellermann Jr. (born 1942) in 1973

conveyed to Lars Kellermann in 2005 (born 1974)

The Company goes back to a very old tradition in the city of Solingen. For decades, Gustav Kellermann was authorized signatory and, later, joint proprietor of the Solingen manufacturers of steel articles, F. Koeller. His wife came from the Vohs family, one of the oldest in the business of steel articles in Solingen.

The trademark - three swords standing on their pointed ends - symbolizes unity and strength. Since 1584, it had been the sign of the age-old sword-smiths and sword-cutlers guild, and it was registered as well as protected internationally in the name of Kellermann & Co. by the German Patent Office.

After finishing their secondary education, the partners Wilhelm and Werner Kellermann gained practical indoor and outdoor experience in serving an apprenticeship with one of the most respected manufacturers and exporters of steel articles, thus providing themselves with the best qualifications and expertise for founding a company of their own.

Thanks to careful management and the wise restriction to a limited range of manufacture, Kellermann & Co. passed well through the extreme difficulties and turmoil of the years between the two World Wars.

THREE SWORDS Kellermann & Co. were able to resume their operations within a short time after the general collapse of 1945 and, following the old Solingen tradition, to expand into an enterprise suited to the local industrial structure.

The seat of administration was moved to Wermelskirchen near Solingen.

In 1973, the company was transferred to Werner Kellermann Jr. having received a good education at home and abroad, he was again able to expand THREE SWORDS Manicure Steelware, today a firm of 70 years´ standing, and to secure it a high reputation, the same as for the 400-year-old, private and exclusive trademark.

Since 1971, Mrs. Catrien Kellermann has been working in the family company , too.

In October 1996, Lars Kellermann started continuing the tradition of Kellermann & Co., Drei Schwerter GmbH, since October 2005 as managing director.

Our quality - Your advantage

Innovative/trend-oriented products which are well known worldwide for their unchanged high quality at very competitive prices since more than 75 years.

A flexible price-structure allows us to react appropriately to competitors in the respective country.

We guarantee fast delivery times connected with a first-class service.

Different product series and various quality diversifications are cut to the target groups in the respective countries.

We offer an individual and uncomplicated layout organization for “private label”, all the same whether transparent blister packing or other manners of packing.

We are at your immediate disposal with reasoned marketing solutions which are aligned to the respective target group.